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How does Nuitrack licensing work?
Nuitrack Trial is free and has time limit. It stops working after running for three minutes, so you need to restart it. Nuitrack Trial is intended for demo and evaluation purposes only.

Nuitrack Pro is for commercial applications. It allows to develop and to sell applications based on Nuitrack.

There are two types of Nuitrack Pro licenses: online subscription and perpetual (with unlimited period of validity).You can upgrade Nuitrack Trial to Nuitrack Pro by entering a license key. The license is purchased here.
Is Nuitrack Pro license linked to the hardware or to the sensor?
The trial license is linked to your hardware, which means that you can test different sensors on the same machine. To install Nuitrack on a new machine, you need a new trial license.

The online license is fully portable (not linked to a sensor) but requires an Internet connection.

The perpetual license is linked to a sensor serial number. Besides, the hardware that you use is also checked at Nuitrack runtime. The license is non-portable, but you can reactivate the license if you use new hardware with the same sensor.

When I re-purchase Nuitrack Pro license, will I get a new license key?
Online licenses have only individual activation keys (no group key). Perpetual licenses can have both a group and an individual activation key. You can manage your licenses on our licensing portal here.
How is the online license charged?
  • License is available in the subscription format (monthly and annual);
  • Subscription is linked to a credit card only;
  • Funds for the next period (month or year) are debited at the time of purchase. Subsequently, charges are made automatically;
  • You can deactivate the online license at any time on the license portal. Money for the paid period is not refunded;
  • You can reactivate the online license within the paid period. If you want to reactivate the license beyond the paid period, you will need to enter the information about your credit card and pay for the corresponding period;
  • Charges for Nuitrack online licenses purchased earlier than June 1, 2020 remain the same.
What is the maximum number of people with skeleton tracked?
Nuitrack limits the number of skeletons tracked up to 6 users. Tracking efficiency depends on your hardware.
Can the Nuitrack detect a hand opening and closing?
Nuitrack detects the "Grab" (fist opening / closing) gesture.
I have a sensor that is not in the list of devices compatible with Nuitrack. Can I use Nuitrack with it?
Nuitrack is designed to run only on compatible devices. If you are interested in porting Nuitrack to your hardware, please contact us.
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