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April 18, 2018
Support for Asus Xtion 2 and camera rotation, high CPU usage bug fix
The new version of Nuitrack 0.23.0 is released with the following improvements:
- Added support for the ASUS Xtion 2 depth sensor for Linux x64 and Windows x86 / x64
- Fixed an issue that caused high CPU usage for the Intel Realsense D400 series sensors
- Added support for sensor rotation (90, 180, 270 degrees)
March 7, 2018
Support for Intel RealSense
New version of Nuitrack 0.21.0 is published with following improvements:
- Support for Intel RealSense D415 sensor (supported camera firmware version 5.8.15 or higher).
- Tracking of up to 6* skeletons.
- Other improvements and bug fixes.
November 27, 2017
Nuitrack SDK vs Another SDK
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