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October 4, 2018
Face Tracking added to Nuitrack SDK!
We are glad to announce the new version of Nuitrack SDK.
Apart from skeleton data, now you can detect, track and analyse faces of detected users using RGB input! Data such as gender, age and emotions are now available via API.

The new version of Nuitrack 0.23.3 is released with the following improvements:
- Added first implementation of Instance-based API (Beta) - face data is available via JSON string (Ubuntu amd64 and Windows x86/x86_64)
- RealSense2 library updated to version 2.15.0
- Fixed error during enabled depth-to-color registration for RealSense D435
- Updated drivers for Asus Xtion 2

Coming soon:
- Biometric ID (Face Recognition)
- Annual online license (without linking to the sensor)
- Kinect v2 support
April 18, 2018
Support for Asus Xtion 2 and camera rotation, high CPU usage bug fix
The new version of Nuitrack 0.23.0 is released with the following improvements:
- Added support for the ASUS Xtion 2 depth sensor for Linux x64 and Windows x86 / x64
- Fixed an issue that caused high CPU usage for the Intel Realsense D400 series sensors
- Added support for sensor rotation (90, 180, 270 degrees)
March 7, 2018
Support for Intel RealSense
New version of Nuitrack 0.21.0 is published with following improvements:
- Support for Intel RealSense D415 sensor (supported camera firmware version 5.8.15 or higher).
- Tracking of up to 6* skeletons.
- Other improvements and bug fixes.
November 27, 2017
Nuitrack SDK vs Another SDK
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